Help! How to send unpublished chapter to my proofreader?

Hi guys! I need help. So my problem is that I don’t know how to send unpublished chapter to my proofreader. My chapter is ready but the backgrounds are not approved yet. We tried every idea :bulb: we had but nothing works. Help please!

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Give the Episode account password to your proofreader and have them look at the story on the episode website itself

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Just send the link of the story! you\ can find it on app on three dots or on portal in My stories(look down) there will be link and share your story, copy it & send it to your proof reader
ps: you don’t need any background or overlay approval for unpublished story to read, it will be on friend story

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I tried but when she opens it she can read only the published episodes

Im sining in the portal with my facebook so i cant give her the password. Thanks anyways

Copy and paste the script and email it to your proofreader, who can put the script in their own episode account and read it there


Thank you so much. I will do so

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you won’t be able to do that witout them uploading the backgrounds chaaracters overlays and outtfits