Help! How to zoom in to a character without zooming all your previous scenes

Hi I need help zooming in to a character in a different scene but every time I do that my previous scene gets zoomed as well. Is there any way to fix this issue?

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You can use either

zoom reset (which will instantly zoom back to 100%, so best to use either between scenes or as a plot device)


Use the camera zoom helper to zoom back out to 100%, if you want to do it smoothly add in the seconds at the end. So it’ll look like this as an example

zoom on 0 150 to 100% in 2
zoom on x y to % in seconds

If you’re zooming on one char than on the other char you can zoom out than back in

Or you can use pan between the two chars so no zooming out needed

If you’re having problems with it in the web previewer, either refresh your browser rather than running the previewer from a different point, or run through a scene where you’ve got the zoom reset or the zoom to 100%


You need to use
@zoom reset
before the scenes where you don’t want to have any zooms.

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Thank you so much!

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