Help! I am looking for a director

I have come to the conclusion that I still have a lot to learn when it comes to coding/directing on Episode. I literally cannot get through the first chapter without having a million coding errors. In the meantime, I would like to learn how to become a decent coder, however, I do consider myself a decent writer. So, I’ll be looking for someone who is mid-level or advanced with directing to work with.


  • Active
  • Have another way to communicate besides the forums (just in case)
  • Be mid-level or advanced with directing (I prefer LL)
  • Interested in writing as well

About Me

  • My favorite genres are drama and action.
  • I enjoy writing and character design.

Please post links to your published stories or drafts so I can see examples of your directing. Thank you. Also, I am willing to collaborate with multiple people, but one at a time.

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sure! @Vicky6

wow tahts pretty weird way to read it- and that was rude

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Because I am new to this doesn’t mean I am an old man. I guess everyone is entitled to form their own opinion.Sorry for my english I am not a native speaker.

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do you have instagram? because i can help you with coding and stuff through there if you want.

Lmao, okii don’t take a joke my dude, not my problem y’all get so triggered :flushed::skull:

Thank you guys but I will put the project on ice for now

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