Help I can get into my account

Hello I have a episode account mobile and on the computer but when I try to log in it just logs me into a account not my own with only 23 dimonds and a default outfit

my friend was having the same issue, it was never resolved and she had to make a new account. Let me know if anyone helps you out!

That would be terrible to make a new account :sob: but did she make a new account and than logged into her old and it worked and really trying to fix this I would lose a lot of dimonds but thanks

She lost some diamonds and all her story progress too. I don’t know if she was able to re log in, im not sure if she tried

Well that sounds bad and sorry she had to go through it. :frowning:

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I’m sorry you’re going through it!

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Hey there @Marlee, you can ask the support team for help with your app account! Just shoot them a help ticket and they’d be more than happy to have a look. :smiley:

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Sorry but I just thought of this did your friend go to episode support team, or did she just create a new account?

it created a new account for her. Everytime she tried to log into her old account, it logged her into a brand new account with the name Lilah on it. her name is Isabelle. but her old account still exsisited, so she probably wasn’t hacked. it was the weirdest thing.

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Ok so,

Don’t how to file a support ticket? check this!

I GOT MY account so thank to all of you who were concern :slight_smile: