HELP... I can’t edit my stories created through the portal on my mobile anymore!


Ok, you know when you create a story, you can edit it on your phone to make it look shabang (I don’t know why I said that either tbh). Well… I can’t edit my stories. It won’t let me scale the characters to exactly how I want them. Does anyone else have this issue, or is it just me?? Your answers would be vvv helpful and if you scroll past this then you are vvv rude

still lov u tho mwah


Do you mean, when you make a story on Episode Portal (not the actual script) and then you try to do it on story creation? :heart:


Nooo. I mean when you create a story on the portal, you can preview it and make changes on your mobile?? (sorry I’m so s#*! at explaining things) :kissing_closed_eyes:


Hello @SamHarper! This is Sydney_H the moderator (previously Camelost), and we welcome you to the Episode Forum!

If you’re having issues, send in a ticket here and our support team will be more than happy to help you!

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Thanks Sydney!