HELP...I can't click

Ermmm so this story “Wanted” by Christina Marie (who is also the author of the story “Watch me Fly” btw)

Anyway … I am facing a problem in the 10th chapter of this story

Basically I have to use the green arrows to navigate up and down for other outfits…click on the outfit for the character to try it on …and when the outfit selected I wanna finalize. …I have to click on the character

HOWEVER …whenever I use the arrows to navigate and see other outfits…I am literally not able to select any other outfit except the one at top left corner😠…and also when I click on the character …it’s not finalizing it…both the cases screen just remains there as if I clicked nothing😡

So …yhh guys I wud appreciate help with that😓


P.S:- I am really loving this story so far btw :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles:… and i also loved the story Watch me fly by her :sparkling_heart: even tho it made me cry towards the end :pleading_face:

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Did you message her about it?

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Ermm…no I didn’t :grimacing:

Where can I message her for this tho?

Check her Episode author page and see if she’s listed her instagram or forum name and message the author directly OR you can leave a fanmail and hope that the author is still active.

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On Instagram , I’ve messaged her before, she always replied


yhhh I msged her on the fanmail few mins ago…thanks !

ahhh I see thank u so much :innocent: I will msg her there too :slightly_smiling_face:

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