Help! I can't create a club in episode!

Hello everyone! I was out for a month or two and now I see we can create clubs and communicate with each other. I wanted to create one club for all readers and writers and share opinions on stories (mostly fantasy ones) but when i try to create a club it just doesn’t do anything.

Am I supposed to pay diamonds or real money to create my club?


The glitch has been removed. I made a Club in which fantasy lovers can join! It’s called ‘Solargarde’ so whoever wants to join is welcome!!!

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It won’t let me create a club either, and I have diamonds (gems) from completing the surveys within the Episode app itself. This leads me to assume that you need Episode VIP to create one, but I could be wrong. It’s either that or something is wrong with the app. :woman_shrugging:

For the people that don't know where the club button is

The first thing you want to do is tap the three lines at the top left on the Episode app. After you do so, you want to tap “book club.” If you scroll down, you’ll see that it says “create a club.”


I have VIP, and it still won’t let me make one. I can click the “Create Club” button but nothing happens. I assume it’s yet another glitch :’’)


Me: Struggling to create a single club

Some of y’all:

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Oh, okay. It’s definitely a glitch then.

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