Help! I can't cut to another scene

So I’m writing a story, and to cut to another scene I write, @cut to zone 2 or 3 and normally it’s worked, but today while I was writing, it just stayed in zone 1. Please help!

There isn’t an error, It’s just when I preview it, it’s always in zone 1. I’ve also tried using other backgrounds, but this is the script:

Really, this has never happened before but now I feel quite dumb…

Thanks anyway!

Transition is spelled wrong. (I don’t know if you got that yet.) That being wrong will mess with the rest of your script.

You put a background after @cut to zone 2
That’s why

@cut to zone 2

It is wrong. Where it says fade out 2 it’s supposed to say fade out black in 2

@transition fade out black in 2

I think that is fine. It defaults to black if you don’t specify a color.

Her code is correct. She just spelled “transition” wrong. The transition code can be any of these:

@transition fade out 2
@transition fade out in 2
@transition fade out black 2
@transition fade out black in 2

And what “fade in” mean?

The fade goes from dark to light, rather than how for out it goes light to dark.

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