Help! I can't cut to another scene


So I’m writing a story, and to cut to another scene I write, @cut to zone 2 or 3 and normally it’s worked, but today while I was writing, it just stayed in zone 1. Please help!


Can I see your script and the error so I can better help you?


There isn’t an error, It’s just when I preview it, it’s always in zone 1. I’ve also tried using other backgrounds, but this is the script:


Oh Okay then theres nothing wrong with your script. It’s just the preview section in the writer’s portal is prone to errors like this. I suggest you preview the story in your app it’s much better and you can’t get any errors that way. :slight_smile:


Really, this has never happened before but now I feel quite dumb…


Thanks anyway!


Nah don’t worry.


Transition is spelled wrong. (I don’t know if you got that yet.) That being wrong will mess with the rest of your script.


You put a background after @cut to zone 2
That’s why


@cut to zone 2


It is wrong. Where it says fade out 2 it’s supposed to say fade out black in 2


@transition fade out black in 2


I think that is fine. It defaults to black if you don’t specify a color.


Her code is correct. She just spelled “transition” wrong. The transition code can be any of these:

@transition fade out 2
@transition fade out in 2
@transition fade out black 2
@transition fade out black in 2


And what “fade in” mean?


The fade goes from dark to light, rather than how for out it goes light to dark.


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