Help! I can't figure out how to add props

Hi, I’m new to the episode app. I see no option to add props. Can i still do so? I would really like a baby prop and im confused about how to add props to character

To add a prop to a character:

@add Prop Name to CHARACTER

To remove the prop:

@remove Prop Name from CHARACTER

what style is your story? Ink or Limelight?

I’m not sure…

You need to use a laptop or computer, then go to, scroll down and log to google or facebook, it will bring to you to the writers portal.

You can check out this video on my YouTube channel on how to get to the writers portal.

Oh okay. So I can’t get props on the app? Only the computer version?

Yes, only computer/laptop you need to use so u can go to your script to type in the code.

Okay. That makes sense. Thanks!

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