Help! I can't find user stories


I know this isn’t a writing question but I don’t know where else to ask. I recently had to wipe my phone and start playing episode from the begining. After a few weeks of playing I still don’t have access to anything but featured stories and contest winner stories. The side bar with story genres and the search bar are missing. Anyone know how to fix this?


Try filing a support ticket or maybe your episode isnr updated idk…
Also this is supposed to be in the Report a bug section…


Hello @Lucy5! This is Camelost the moderator, and we welcome you to the Episode Forum! :smiley:

I moved your topic to the Report a Bug Mobile App Bug category since it sounds like you’re having trouble with the app. Take a second to check out the Forum Tutorial which shows where to correctly create topics.

Go here to send in a ticket about your issue to the support team, and they’ll be happy to help!

Once again, welcome to the forum, and have fun! :sunglasses: