Help! I can't log into my writers portal account!

Hello, so I was working on a story earlier today and everything was working fine, but I come back later and I cant log in? I use my email and it wouldn’t work, “Safari can not open that page”. I have the writers portal bookmarked but every time I press it it brings me to the starting episode page (unlike before).

I don’t think that the Portal is down. Are you encountering a firewall?

Possibly, but I don’t believe so

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I’ve tried restarting my laptop, didn’t work.

try shutting your laptop down, if you have another device (like a phone) try the site on your phone. the portal is working on my side. this might also be just the bookmark. if you haven’t tried entering the portal manually (like typing everything instead of using the shortcut), try that because it might just be a minor big with the bookmarking

Hi, try clearing your cookies. You can select that as an option when you clear your browser history. I think what’s happening is it’s trying to authenticate you with Google login. Lmk if that works! Alternatively, try logging in using Google Chrome’s incognito mode.

did you tried to roll down on the episode page and sign there throung the google button? Chome does this to me every month - it alows the ap to load automaticly only for 30 days and than I have to get there manualy and alow episode to remember my password again for next 30 days.

also your erros says you are trying to open page: and not episodeinteractive…?

I have, same thing happened. It won’t let me use my email

after shutting down my laptop, it still wouldn’t work, so I opened up google chrome and logged in on there, then I tried it once more on safari and it worked? Strange, but thanks for the help!

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Safari isn’t the best for TWP (or much of anything else imo). Stick with Chrome for a platform that works with TWP :smiley: