HELP! I can't make characters say the player's name



I really need help! I already know that if you want any character say the player’s name, you have to put [NAME] in brackets. The problem is that I already tried that, and sometimes that works, but sometimes don’t and I don’t know why ;-;
And when it works, later when I check the preview again suddenly just appears NAME instead of the player’s name,
I’m really stuck and I need that so my story is coherent


Is “NAME” what the variable is for typing in the name the reader chooses?

If not, you need to have the variable and what is in the the same.

If so, when you re opened the preview did you start it after a name is meant to be entered?
Because in order for the name to be said, before that part you need to enter the name.

It may also help to use your phone as a preview instead of the computer if that’s not what you’re doing already.

I hope that helps, if not let me know. :grinning:


Your characters Display name needs to be whatever is in brackets.


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yeah, the variable is NAME and before my characters say the players name I already let the reader choose their name.

And when i preview it in my laptop, sometimes it appears the players name, and sometimes it doesn’t

And how do it preview it in my phone? Do i have to publish the story first so in the Episode’s app in my phone appears my story in “stories you published”

Thanks for replying :grin:


Ok, so I´ll change MC’s display name to “NAME”, but without brackets?


yep! That’s correct!


OMG, that really helped!

Now I know I have to preview first the part where the players choses their name and then I preview whatever I wanna check in my story

Thank you so much!


No you don’t need to publish it to preview it on your phone. If you go into the app and go to create and log in, it’ll be there.