HELP! I can't think of a GOOD title!

I just started a new story, and I went to go find someone to do a cover for me and realized I didn’t have a title. I tried to think of one, but nothing I can come up with sounds good, it all sounds really elementary and immature or it is too long…
Here are the story details, if anyone wants to help…
Main Character:
Lark, age 17, in her senior year
blonde wavy hair, just moved to ohio to stay with old family friends to escape her past

Jay, Lark’s twin
died on their 17th birthday, lark feels guilty (for certain reasons I can’t say yet) and that’s why she moved.

Daniel, son of old family friend, brown hair,
Lark and Daniel REALLY don’t get along at first, but come to a truce when Daniel starts to help Lark get over her past and helps her with her trust issues… they eventually fall in love (or at least he does but doesn’t realize it for a while)

There are other characters and side stories, but the main story is that Daniel needs to help mend Lark’s broken heart after her brother dies. Lark moved there because she needed to be in a place where no one knew her or Jay for her senior year, as her brother’s death was haunting her and tearing her apart

The end is just a beginning?

I like that, but maybe I could shorten it to Just The Beginning? or reword it or something? maybe Starting Again? or Starting Over? OR maybe like something like Begin Again? or Starting At The End?

Thanks though, you definitely helped get my gears working and thinking

I would suggest Begin Again, (Its a Taylor Swift’s song, I love it)

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peace of mind? finding peace? i’m not good at titles either lol :sweat_smile:

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Lol thanks, I started doing episode cuz I thought I would be better at content than actual writing but… guess not lol

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got a somewhat decent storyline going, but can’t think of a title to save my life

Lol didn’t even realize that, I love her! And thanks


Beginning of the end? Tear in my heart?

Fixing Her? Picking up the Pieces?

Picking up the Pieces>
Finding yourself again?
Healing her heart?