Help, I can't think of a UNIQUE story idea



So, I’ve been playing episode for like a year now. And I’ve always wanted to write a good story. I’ve been brainstorming so many ideas but they just flop or they turn out cliche and cheesy. I wanted to create about a story about 2 friends ,I wanted to write a romance story but it turned out yet again… cliche. I’m thinking of writing another romance/drama story so does anyone have any writing prompts/ideas i could use?


you should write action


I tried writing about action but there was already another similar story to that. Thank you though


It’s for short story ideas, but once you read them it may help you with inspiration for long stories or something. It helped me a lot to be honest.


Thank you so much


You can try writing just a 3 episode long story, or combine two common story ideas? I don’t see those two happening very often.


I know sometimes cliche sucks, but, i think, it depends on how much u use it.

Don’t worry too much if you write something cliche, write the ideia, even if you think it’s sucks or dull, try to work on it, to become something better. Just don’t hold yourself too much. :grin:


I think of unique as of…
I’ve only seen three things that would make me laugh. It’s been combined with comedy, and romance. But the comedy is more with it. I’ve wanted to write stories like this but I just can’t so here is a free story idea :bulb::
Ashely has been weird and strange all her life. She’s had no friends at all when senior year rolls in she doesn’t know what she’ll do with herself when a boy who’s been popular all throughout middle school and high school actually has the guts to talk to her. When he decides they go head to head in this years senior annual prank/water war.
I think you could take the reigns from there! I hope I helped!!!


Hey I got a story idea but I am currently writing 3 other stories (not published) and I won’t be doing anything with it so… If you want to, you can use it



You have been invisible your whole life, literally. Jay Maxwell, captain of the football team, the dream of every girl and also the only person who can see you…



What about Mystery or Fantasy? Those genres are really creative.


sounds great!


Thanks! If you want to use it that’s fine! :smile:


When you find your idea, you could try something really interesting and make the story in first person, to give it that extra bit of uniqueness,


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Write something extraordinary, I know it’s weird but I’ve always been a sucker for sad endings. They leave deep impressions, you have so much to relate to and you’ll always have a part of it. Although, here are some ideas:

  1. You get a suprisingly sound sleep, unlike everyday. When you wake up, a kid knocks on the door of your room, referring to you as ‘Mom’.

  2. You were the princeess of the Kingdom Of makeupaname and used to the royal life and people eager to kiss your feet. Somehow, you end up in the 21st century where nobody gives a fudge about who you are. Or were. Will you ever go back? Or survive for the matter?

  3. You wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of Siri talking. You were alone at the house, and well your phone has a passcode.

  4. After you found out about your boyfriend cheating behind your back, you throw an unusual tantrum that turns all the males females and vice-versa.

  5. Looking for shelter, you sleep under a tree. What happens when your spirit gets connected to it, and if somebody cuts it you die?

I have tons more but well can’t remember all at once.


thank you those ideas sound great




A girl being stalked but the twist is she’s schizophrenic and has an obsession with herself


Do you have a story idea for me? lol


I have a idea but I’m not sure if you’ll like it