Help, I can't think of a UNIQUE story idea



I like doing something typically cliche then adding a twist ( like the schizophrenic) so like being kidnapped by a gang leader, pretending to fall in love with him but in the end she shots him and runs away


*shoots ( and you could also leave it on a cliffhanger by her being taken away by the cops)


Title: Guardian Angel

You are a young guardian angel in high school. When you are assigned to your person you never thought you would fall in love with him… But are those feeling mutual?

Just thought of it, doubt you will like it :woman_shrugging:



That sounds like a book I read once!


If you get an story idea/storyline from someone else it’s not unique, to the person who made it yes but it’s not gonna be truly unique If you didn’t make it yourself that’s the complete opposite.


Nothing is actually cliche, to be honest. If you thought of it: It’s yours. Yes other stories might have it but it depends on how you go about it.


You should do a story based of an old fairytale like tangle or beauty and the beast just recreate it to your own version


this gave me a confidence booster lol… thanks!


That’s what I do :heart: