Help, I don't know how to do special effects! (CLOSED)

Hey guys,
Currently I’m writing my first story. I’m still working on my first chapter. In my story, I need to show some sort of crash, with light flashing really fast and explosions happenings and such things, But because I’m pretty new to writing and directing a story, I really have no idea how to direct this!
Does anyone have tips for me how I should do this?

Car overlays, flashing background, moving explosion overlays,

How do I do the flashing background? Sorry I’m such a noob haha

You can do this. Just use the code as much as you need too.

@transition fade in white in 0.5
@transition fade in black in 0.5

oh okay, thanks so much!

I would sugest to use also some animated overlays for the explosion .


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