Help! I forgot a story title



I forgot the title and author of a story i really wanted to read :roll_eyes: and I could’ve sworn the title was ‘My psycho girlfriend’ but i couldn’t find and on top of that I forgot the author and can’t find her on instagram​:frowning: So does any of you know what I’m talking about?


Do you remember the description ?




What genre ?

What the cover look like ?


But i think the cover is like a guy on the left and a girl on the right and the guy is holding the girl back and the background is the karaoke bar


Drama or romance maybe?


Ok That’s a good start !



Lmao!! :joy: :joy:


Let’s talk more about the cover ?
Was it drawn?
Was it Classic, INK or Limelight ?
Does the story have a lot of reads ?
Was it a featured story or an user story ?


Ink, im not sure i think it was just edited so he had his arm around her and I know for a FACT that the tile has psycho in it

But its not ‘My psycho’ :joy:


I think it has millions of reads and ita a user story


Ok so It’s not that one.

Does the cover LOOKS LIKE that ?


Ahh I found it, Thanks so much for trying to help me turns out they changed the cover​:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


Yess !
You may close the topic \o/


Whoops lol


Im not even gonna bother my phone keeps freezing :roll_eyes: