Help I forgot the name of my story

Hi if forgotten the name of my story. it’s about your and your bestfriend(Tom) playing a video game when a player online threatens you. He then kidnaps you and u find out he’s in a gang. U fall for him and one of the members and become pregnant.thats all I can remember.anyone know the name?:woman_shrugging:t2:

Sore Loser? The story doesn’t exist anymore, I think Noob Loop deleted it or hid it.

It’s not your story, it is someone else’s and yes, I heard about that-Sore Loser is not an age appropriate story on Episode-it has some disturbing themes. Again, this is what I’ve heard most people say about it but I believe it’s best off Episode-there’s many more wonderful stories you’ll find on the app!

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THere was nothing wrong with the story I loved it

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