Help I have a question concerning my new story

Hi so I’ve been starting coding my new story about 2 weeks ago and has you know it take times coding. But concerning my question, would it be weird if my mc and li start hanging out in episode 4. Let me give you the backstory, so my li he’s been having a friends with benefits and she’s obsessed with him but in episode 4 she has a class with him and the mc keep in mind the class is a fighting class where people spar each other. So then the crazy girl spars with girl mc and by she’s been seeing each other getting closer day by day so she beat the mc because of her anger and jealousy.
Anyways would it be weird if the li and the mc start hanging out together alone in episode 4. Keep in mind I want my story to have 45-60 episode. In my mind I think in real life it’s normal to make friend within 3 days of meeting each other or am I wrong. Can you guys help me

Not weird at all, you are the author of your story. You can let them hang out in any episodes that you wish. I’d like to see them hang out in further episodes rather than the first episode since a lot of stories starts that way. But do whatever you like! It is never weird to have your characters meet in any episode that you wish. You are not wrong at all. Everyone is different when meeting people, so however you feel like doing it, do it!

thank you so much for the encouragement it means a lot.

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