Help! I have an error tht needs Fixiing


@CHLOE change into CHLOE_BEACH
@CHLOE walks to screen center

    CHLOE (wave)
Hey zoey!!

@ZOEY enters from left to screen left
@ZOEY faces right

    ZOEY (wave)
Oh hi so what should we do?

choice (doing something)
“Chat with the boys” {

    CHLOE (talk_happy)
How about go chat with the boys

@ZAYNE change into ZAYNE_BEACH

@follow BRANDON to upscreen right in zone 2
@ZAYNE walks to upscreen left in zone 2
@CHLOE walks to screen right in zone 2
@ZOEY walks to screen left in zone 2
@CHLOE faces left
ZOEY (bat_eyelashes)
Hey boys you guys are looking hot today!

You talk talk and have fun for about a hour

Finally the day come to an end and you all leave.
    ZOEY (tired)
    ZAYNE (tired_eye_rub)}

@transition fade out black 2.0

"Grab a drink"{

    CHLOE (vanna_white)
A drink would be nice, since I'm thirsty.

    CHLOE (talk_headache)
Oh, and one more thing please do not get drunk!

    ZOEY (talk_giggle)
Ok, but your paying!


could someone help me with the error :

expected character or scene change. Found "“Grab a drink”{ " instead. Did you forget to capitalise the name, or close the () around the animation?

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you must put } before “grab a drink”

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