Help, i have an idea for a story but i need advice

hey so i need advice on a idea for a story, I just came up with it and cant decide on a reason as to why the characters may decide to agree to do this! i also would like feedback on if you think its a good idea.

here is the plot i just came up with: 5 people at random (all different ethnic backgrounds and cultures) are forced to play a game where they have to complete ‘tasks’ given to them by a random number. The tasks range from complimenting someone, robbing a car and to killing someone.


Sounds like Among us LOL

Money is definitely one
If its being set in America it could be they want to be a citizen or transfer there family for a better life IDK
another would be they were promised something

actually it kind of does, oops. i might use your idea though, tysm for the help!

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maybe because they’re tired of living boring lives?

You can force them to join. Maybe they are set up or something like that.

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