**HELP** I have no clue why my background got rejected!

So basically I submitted these two backgrounds for approval and they both got rejected! Here is the reason Episode gave:

“Contains trademarks or references to corporate or business names”

But here’s the thing: It has no trademarks, businesses, companies, etc!

where did you get it from


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is that bad :joy:

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so… you didnt make them and they might be from a famous game, tv show, irl amusement park, or famous artist.

That is why.

The arcade one, might be an actual arcade. I think the safest bet with these kind of things is to get an artist to make some backgrounds for you

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ohhhh okay… Maybe I can find a way to get rid of the wording

But thank you so much!

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mmhmm but if you want someone to make you a similar background,

I can try,


It’s fine, I’ll find a way to edit it!

Thank you so much for telling me why it got rejected, I honestly really appreciate it.

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