HELP! I just lost my progress for no reason for my FAVORITED STORIES! WTF

Just an hour ago it was working and now I’ve lost all my progress! I didn’t delete the app or log out or restart my phone or anything like that. EVERYTHING WAS THE SAME! So why did I lose my progress? AND THIS ONLY HAPPENED FOR THE STORIES IN MY RECCOMENDED!

:sweat: Sorry! You lost all your story progress. It’s best for you to fill out a Support ticket<---- click here.

i did thank you. Its just so strange because just NOW i restarted my favorite story and played 4 episodes, I left the app for 10 minutes and my progress was lost AGAIN for a story I just started. WTF lol

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That issue has happened before. So episode knows about it. Hopefully, you get your progress back. If not complain and see if they will give you some free passes lol.

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It happened to me too, and now my app doesn’t open

same my app isn’t opening either

Mine is doing the same thing and i have sooooo much time and money invested in this it is unreal. i am really hoping that they can some how fix this soon cause there are updates that i need to be reading!


Did you ever get your progress back? Mine did this yesterday and I have a ticket submitted but have not received a response. I’m freaking out! :tired_face::sob:

I’ve lost mine for about two weeks now! I’ve contacted Episode on TWO support tickets. On one of the support tickets I actually did get a reply. They said to delete the app so they can restore my progress and let them know when I deleted it. I let them know but it’s been days and they haven’t replied to me. I sent another support tickets and still no answer. I’ve given up hope honestly. I’m just going to wait for an update on the app and maybe it will fix this. Has anyone gotten able to fix this?

Yep. Same thing’s happening with everyone. I’ve just deleted until I get a new phone.

Also had this exact problem! Months of stories gone! I’ve submitted a ticket really hope get all my progress back!!

did they answer back?

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Yes they did! Got all my stories back! Thank you!! :grin::kissing_heart:


Oh wow great! I got a response from episode and they told me to uninstall it and email them when I finished uninstalling it so that they could arrange it. So fingerscrossed that they do :’)

Is this slowly happening to everyone? I saw another thread just like this one.

They’ll sort it. How long ago did you put the report in?

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Not sure. :thinking:

I filed the first ticket on tuesday, got my first email from them to uninstall it the next day and they emailed me back today telling me to reinstall it and it finally works!! So thanks again for the help <3

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Yay!! Amazing news! So pleased for you!! :grin::grin: Very welcome lovely.

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