HELP! I just lost my progress for no reason for my FAVORITED STORIES! WTF


Yay!! Amazing news! So pleased for you!! :grin::grin: Very welcome lovely.

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The same thing has happened to me! I still can’t play because my progress is lost every time. Episode replied to my support ticket this morning, but the “fix” she had me try did not work. I answered back immediately, but I haven’t heard back from her. I pay for unlimited passes, so not being able to play for days is unacceptable. I need help.



Mine has done the same thing. I’m have tons of unfinished stories and I’m as far as chapter 43 on a couple. I’m so aggravated and it’s been like this for a couple weeks. I messaged and they replied saying it is hard to fix certain bugs but they are trying. :rage::weary:

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I emailed them and all I got from them is to be patient that they were trying to fix the problem. Wonder why they didn’t help me like they have a couple others☹️



have you tried resubmitting a new ticket ?



Hi I lost all my progress too and I can’t get it back. I’m kinda new to this too, so i’m just asking for yall help pls. I was reading one but I can’t remember the name of it can yall pls help me find it again.

It’s about a girl ( I don’t remember her name) that had a bestfriend then the bf left and came back when she was all grown up, but she was so hurt that she met a new guy that owned a tire shop. She ended up sleeping with both guys (her bestfriend and the other guy) The babyfather was the bestfriend and then she had to choose which one of them she would like to stay with and marry. (it was our own choice to choose) and it goes on

I really appreciate yall time to read this. Pls helpp

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I did. They finally told me to delete the app and now I am waiting on an email to tell me to download it again.

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Hey Rebecca! If you lost all your progress I suggest contact episode through a support ticket, via this link:

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to know what story you seem to be talking about, so sorry :frowning:



That’s great! They also told me to do that and it worked out fine, so I hope the same happens for you! If you need any help feel free to comment :slight_smile:



Out of curiosity, what was the story? I feel like I’ve maybe read it?


archived #31