Help? I’m a new writer

I’m trying to make my scene inside looks like it is burning but I don’t know how

So I think what you want to do is add an overlay of fire. You can get a lot of different styles of fire png images for free. You’ll save the image to your computer and then submit it to your overlay catalog.
Then you can just add the fire(s) png where ever you want in the scene using the overlay director.

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@Kira26 there is a campfire overlay on the portal and if you want to use it you just put

INT. IDK - DAY with CAMP FIRE (INT. IDK - DAY isn’t a real background :wink: )

And if you want to put 2 overlays at a time it’s


And if you want it a certain size and place put

INT. IDK - DAY with CAMP FIRE to 0.040 -86 326 with EFFECT SMOKE (you can use any numbers that you need)

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