Help I’m stuck again 😞

line 73 76 77 79 80 99 101 I’m doing everything that I’ve done with my other lines and zones etc but it’s not doing it again for some reason am I doing something wrong

Hey! Just a heads up that you can get faster support in the Creator’s Corner -> Directing Help & Tips. You have a typo in line 73, scrren instead of screen.

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Line 73: You’ve Written screen wrong thats why there is a error
Line 76: You put the zone in the wrong place. this is how it goes @HARLEY enters from right to screen left in zone 2 (AND or and) HARLEY faces right
To code the character to walk into a zone you have to use spot
line 76 is the same as line 79 and 80
Line 99 and line 101: You have to write the characters name to get them do the animation that you want them to do. For Example: HARLEY is idle_sad
So fully.
@CHARCTER enters from left to screen right AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is idle_sad
If you want any help quick, DM me on my instagram:

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Hi iv tried that but still not working and I don’t have insta

What have you tried that didn’t work and that’s okay

I tried removing the errors and on some lines it’s worked but the rest where iv put @character enters from left to screen left and @character is animation it’s coming up as error

Did you put your character name and not 'character?

“and” is Capitalized maybe

so it’d be:

@/HARLEY enters from right to screen left in zone 2 AND HARLEY faces right
@/DARCY enters from right to screen left in zone 1 AND DARCY faces right

I’ll try that now thank you

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On line 95: put @cut to zone 2
That will then automatically bring you to zone 2 than zone 1
Then on line 96: @BLANE enters from right to screen right and BLANE faces right and BLANE is idle_sit
and same as line 98. Just change the names and delete “in zone 2”
and doesn’t have to be in capital or not.

Nope still didn’t work

What did the error say?

Try removing in zone 2 and in zone 1, and use &cut to zone 1/2 instead

and doesn’t have to be capitalized, you can either use “and” or “AND”.

@jadebirch16 , your coding is wrong.
the correct command is:

@CHARACTER enters from right to screen left

you can’t add which zone there is. you can only code the character entering a zone when you’re spot directing. so if you want a character to enter a certain zone while you’re using screen standing, you’d have to code it like this…

@cut to zone 2
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen left

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I see, I only use AND :rofl:

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this is my story so far just these errors which I had before then did everything what everyone suggested to correct them and it worked but when I try it with these errers it’s not working

Yeah, me too. I find it easy to see but found out that you can use just normal and but i stick to ‘AND’

Yup :joy: now I know.

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