Help I’m stuck again 😞

You cannot put a @ symbol in the middle of a code. you have to put that only at the start of a character.
Put the ‘@cut to zone 2’ on the line above the character entering

line 75 should be like

&cut to zone 2
@/HARLEY enters from right to screen left AND HARLEY faces right

i’ll type it out for you so all you’ll have to do is paste it into your script:

&cut to zone 2

@BLANE enters from right to screen right and BLANE faces right and BLANE is animationname

@DARCY enters from left to screen left and DARCY faces left and DARCY is animationname

you’ll have to change the “animationname” to the name of the animations that you want the character to do, but i just typed out the format for you. copy and paste it into your script and then change the name of the animations.

iv tried doing that and for some reason lines 96 and 98 aren’t working

remove the “in zone 2” on both lines and follow the format that i just typed to you here:

Try doing that

Because you still have zones in that wouldn’t work beacuse you need to use the spot code to use zones but Vividly is writing the script

Still didn’t work

can i see?

you dont need ( ) for the animation :slightly_smiling_face:

@BLANE enters from right to screen right and BLANE faces right and BLANE is idle_sit

on line 96 you also forgot to add a space between the word “right” and “and”

also if you want the characters to be in zone two put

&cut to zone 2

in front of those two lines like i did here:

Done guys thank you :blush: also who would you recommend for some art backgrounds I can send photos of characters x

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