Help i need a cover story!

Dm me on instagram! @theteenagespychronicles

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I can’t go on insta right now

Okay no problem, then inbox me on episode forums.

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Sure! I can help

Hey! Great, message me so we can talk about the details!!

I can do it, just request on my thread:

If you are interested, I can make u a cover
Here is the example

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Hey! I love these! What details would you need to do the cover arts??

Your story description, your characters details, story title, and your author name :slight_smile:

This is the main character Vanessa (the female). She is the main character. And Then their is Matt (the male), he is like Vanessa’s partner almost. I want him looking, cold, mean and like a bad boy type image for him. I also want both of them holding a gun. The second image will show something similar as to what i’m looking for in the cover but instead, it’s my two characters. I want a facial expression like the example cover art I sent if possible! Thanks!! IMG_0036|168x500 IMG_0038

Story Title: The Teenage Spy Chronicles
Author: Amber Perez @theteenagespychronicles
Story Description: Vanessa Kelly is the youngest MI-6 agent in the country (spy). Her mission is to find a killer. In order to do this, she needs to relive the moments of being a teenager again. (Her mission is to go undercover at a high school and find the killer) (Nobody knows who she is but MI-6)

** If you need anything else let me know!!**

Is this good?


IMG_0038 I like the text, it’s good. But for the female do you think you can make her have the same pose like this girl but standing up?? And also just take out the freckles on vanessa’s face and the scars on both of them.

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I could try.

I removed the freckles but I can’t make it look like that pose ,sorry! Here!

Alright :blush:

Episode snow flakes can

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Oh I’m working on her cover :smiley:

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I could try


I think she needs a large and a small so one do small and the other large

@Rylie and @Olivia2003

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