Help I need a cover (under 50 euros) (or free lol)PAUSE

December 22.

Hi! I have made cover, on paper… I was wondering if anyone can like copy it but like make it picsart or some other site with face because I don’t know how to draw faces :grimacing:


i would do it for you and draw a face ! i don’t have my phone right now though, and it would take about a month or two :((

I can do it but I charge I think I can make a discount since you have a sketch already💕

My ig is @findmylogic we can talk there if you want

Hi Im a digital artist and I am currently taking commissions at the moment.
Here are some of my artworks

Pm me back on here if you are interested.


Hey, if you’re interested, my commissions are open and i think, affordable, please check my page: instagram

Hello dear.
I’m a digital artist and I’m currently taking commissions.
Here are some of my examples
Feel free to check my Instagram for more
If you don’t use Instagram please tell me and I’ll send the details through message
Have a good day :kissing_heart:


Hi! I’m really sorry I didn’t respond. It’s because my dad uhh had an accident so I was away. I can’t pay anyone right now.