Help, I need a really advanced cover art!

Hi can someone plz make me a REALLY advanced cover art? I would like these two to face backs with eachother and both hold up guns, and the background will be a gambling area. Can they be smirking at eachother and the girl weres a show blue dress wich has a slit and the guy wears a suit and is also smirking! plz need as soon as possible!

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Can it also have the name Mafia’s Blood on the bottom

Try Jayla & Abbie edits :smile:


do you have specific looks for characters? Also, INK or LL?

ink and these characters

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I can if still needed

yes plz

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Can I get them in the pose you want and story title and author name

Can i also have a pic of me animated for my inst profile pic

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Author: Haya
Story Name: Mafias Blood
And can they be face back on back and they both smirk and hold a gun and the back is a casino

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for the insta can i have long straight brown hair and light skin and my lips are pretty big and can they be red and just put a city behind me plz

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I need screen shots of the characters in the pose


scroll up i already added them

Can I get them in the hold gun pose

I dont know how to do that srry

Im preety new to this episode stuff

kind of bending their hands and pointing the gun up!