Help! i need a robot story idea!

I need help! So i need a story idea, I want it to be something about androids. No, not the phone. I mean like robots. Is there anybody who has ideas about a story i could do? I will give credit

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Maybe something set in the future like the government became radical, introduced a totalitarian regime and now totalitarianism and conservatism prevails in the country (but not everyone is happy of course) and the people in power want to ensure they stay in power too so they want to find a way to control society so some of the people are replaced by robots (without anyone knowing ofc) and these robots are meant to be like spies so the government sees everything through their eyes and knows who is plotting against them or just simply who doesn’t like their policy. So for example MC’s bff/sister/brother/mother… can be replaced (robots would have to replace someone close to the family in front of whom that said family could talk freely and say their opinions on everything) and then MC realises something is wrong and finds some group of rebels and tries to take down the government and free everyone the government took or maybe MC finds the way to hack the robots so she uses them to achieve her goal and take down the government or maybe MC hacks robots so they finally say the whole truth in front of the whole nation which causes the great protests (like she makes them say it on the national news or something). Or maybe the people in power take the memories of the people they kidnap and put them in the robots so the MC must find a way to restore everyone’s memories back.

Just a few ideas sorry if this is too much of everything smushed together :sweat_smile: Hope you got what I was trying to say and that I helped just a little bit :blush:

I don’t understand it, BUT! I do like the idea of a family member being replaced by a robot! Thanks! how should i credit you?

Thank you! I’m glad you like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Whichever way works for you is fine, my name on Episode is Latasha B., same as my name (@latasha_b) here :blush:

Alright! :smiley:

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Oh shoot, im sorry.

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