Help! i need a small and big cover for my story!

ok I need a big/small cover for my story “mars”
I could make one but I don’t know how
but I’m pen to someone making me one to plz
I’m new to making a story though I’ve been on episode two or three years now so anyway please someone help!!

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send the details please

thanks for replying!
and details? oh you mean my story?
look up mars I don’t know how to send a message I’m new to this but seems fun lol


I’ll help! Send it here!

the character details

story title

author name

autumn3481 is author name
story title is mars


Any character details?

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you mean the story or how they look? lol

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The characters on the cover :slight_smile:

how the characters look like

That’s my two main characters

Can you send something like this instead?

Sure thing one sec

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Any backgrounds you would prefer?

And what actions would the characters be doing?

I don’t know to be honest
What ever you think
It’s about Kira believes that Rei and all other men in the world are dirty. She stays away from her classmates, hiding in her art. What happens when the delinquent motorcyclist and playboy, Rei, gets ahold of one of her drawings, and actually wants to keep it?

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Do you still need someone to make your cover art? I can help :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I’m making it…

and me