Help I need a story title (Contests)


Hey guys I need a title for my story

The story is a about a girl who is a superheroe at night and a normal girl in morning

If I like your title you will get featured in my story and you will get a cover and splash for free and I will follow you on social media and I will read your story until your story finshed


Why not “SuperGirl” or “SuperWoman” . You can also try “Living like a Superhero” , “My life as a Superhero” or “My Superhero life” I hope you like those :slight_smile:


Thank you


Have you created a story before


I released my first story a few days ago :slight_smile:


What is the title do you need a cover and a splash


No, but thank you for asking.


What is the title


“The Royals”. If you don’t find it try “Tsveta” It’s a pink cover with a crown




What about you, do you have any released stories?


I did but it was boring so I decided to make a new story


What is the tittle?


Dangerous diva only chapter 1 was done I revaping it


I’m writting a new story it is called broken


Is it released?


Not yet I’m planning it cause I don’t want to revamp it like the other story That I made


Tell me once you release it, I’m looking forward to reading it :slight_smile:




Three covers??