HELP! i need a title!


hi again!
I need help with a title for a new story title please
the story is about a girl with 6 vampire love interests
its going to have I guess two seasons
sooooo any help is much appreciated
and if anyone has any ideas they think be great in the story or how to start it off be great because im stumped for the first season
second season ill worry about later lol
anyways much appreciated again
soooo please help!! :grin::sweat_smile:


Lol, with 6 vampire love interests you should name it Vampire Diaries :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Just kidding. Here you have some of my ideas:
The Vampire Date
Vampire Loving
My Vampire Struggle


What happens besides the vampires ? Like don’t tell too much but a little more information coudl help me find a title :blush:


I know what happens in second season but kinda need some help in first season
basically she moves in with 6 brothers for school reasons which I don’t know what yet lol
and just some drama and romance happens here and there
if you hav any ideas for a good story that be great you will be given credit


I know right lol
but I want something other then vampire in it but im thinking over thoses titles thoses r good thank u so much


I think that a tittle which contains the word Vampire would attract me and rise an interest inside me to read your story. It’s not common in Episode to find a story with Vampires. Also, if you have Instagram follow me @meela.episode so I can tell you some of my ideas. I don’t want my ideas to be shared here for copyright reasons.


true true sure im autumn34810 on insta


I’ll contact you when its morning bc in my timeline its midnight and my brain doesn’t work good :joy::joy::joy:


kk thanks again


But I have some really cool ideas


I’d like to suggest “Fanged.” This, being so can accurately demonstrate a tension as the phrase is generally used to describe someone who constantly holds a defense mechanism. Fanged as well describes the vampire’s main attributes and can be comfortable fit into covers. :smiley:


Oh okay! Well let’s see

The 6 brothers
Brotherly drama
It’s a struggle between them
Bloody brothers

It’s all I have right now :woman_shrugging:

I’m so sorry lol I’m tired it’s midnight where I am so these names are probably trash :joy:


lol sorry and its ok they are good suggestions


I think it should be called …

Complicate Affections?


fanged? hmmmmm maybe
thank u


hmmmm that sounds pretty good


Vampire Desire or Desire for a Vampire

And you could start with a flashback of an important moment or introducing or something and then something happens and the story goes on


You should call it Related By Blood haha