HELP! I need advice on my new story

I’m writing a murder mystery story and I really don’t want to make it a choices matter story because it’s my first story, but would it be cool to choose your own character?

There are 6 characters and I’d let the reader choose which character they want to play as?


That would be cool, but it could take a lot of work (and coding). You’d have to write out the story 6 times, once for each character, as well as consider the story lines for all of them.


It’s not impossible. I’m currently doing something similar, but with a different approach. Instead of letting the player choose who they’re playing, I just switch between which characters I let the player control. I recommend doing that instead. It’ll save you a lot of work.

If you do intend to let the player choose, I would make a gain variable for every single character (PLAYER_jane, PLAYER_rodrick, etc.) and then use the if/elseif/else command when you need to make variations. But just beware that this’ll add a lot of work.


I’m doing a similar thing with my story, and it’s a lot easier than letting the reader choose.

It would definitely be something new in the episode murder mystery genre, and I’d be interested in reading it. It’s still a good idea to give them well-developed storylines, but as it’s a murder mystery I’m sure you’re doing that anyway.

but seriously, tag me when it’s out-- I need some good murder mysteries :wink:


Mine is actually a slasher, but I can send you a DM when I release it. Should be soon. :slight_smile:


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