HELP! I need art scenes for the story that I am writing

Hello Episodians! :slight_smile:
I need an artist to help me get art scenes for my story done.
I want my readers to get the full experience. Pleaseeeee anything is welcomed!! I’m a very bad artist lol.

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I can help

Thank you so much!! :slight_smile: The story tittle is “Facing my Demons” and it’s written in INK.

This is the story description, “Your ex who abused you, his best friend you’ve always had a crush on, new tatted boy in school, but someone’s out to get you! Who could it be?”

Roxyanne is the main character and her description is:

Skin Light, Eyebrow Seductive Arch, Long Curly Hair Blonde, Round Bold Taupe, Face Soft Heart, Nose Soft Natural, Lips Classic Bubblegum Pink.

She’ll be wearing: Beige with black zipper Zipped Crop Top, White Ballerina Tullet Skirt, White Retro leather strap Heels, Beige rocker leather bracelet, triangle earings, keys necklace.

Her ex is Chris and his description is:

Skin Light, Eyebrow Thick Arch, Short Cropped Hair Platinum Blonde, Eyes classic round Blue, Face style Square Jaw, Nose Button, Small Round Lips Blush.

He’s wearing: Denim Jacket, Black Tight Pants, Basic Sneakers (Black).

Her crush is Shawn and his description is:

Skin Light, Brow Thin Arch, Spiked up hair Fawn, Eyes classic round blue, Face Diamond, Nose button, Lips uneven blush.

He’s wearing: Black plain suit shirt and tie, black tight pants, red utility boot.

The new guy in school with tatted hand is Liam:

Skin Tan, Brow thin arch, Hair boy bun black, eyes classic round green, Face diamond, Nose button, Lips small round Taupe.

He’s wearing: Casual suit jacket grey, ripped punk pants, red utility boots and he has a Silver Lion Necklace.


I want Shawn, Liam and Chris to be in the background. All three of them will be arms crossed angry.

Then in the front I would like Roxyanne to draw gun pointing a masked man.

The masked man will be wearing:

*Black tight pants *Bomber Jacket *Black racing shirt
*Firefighter boots *Skeleton Mask

That would be for the story cover.

The art scenes you can play around with their pose. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Okay! It may take some days

As long as you need. :slightly_smiling_face:

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