HELP! i need art work for story please!


I need art work for my story anyone wanna help and be my partner?


send the details


I don’t mean cover but art work I forgot to say sorry lol
kk one sec


I could help with it just say what it is that you want


wannna do it too


Theses are the characters but I need scene pictures if possible


Ok what like


yall both can


what are the pose @Helpieme you can make the character and edit them




Ok I will so I’ll basically com the whole thing


Do not com


we will do half


Alright and how’s the art scene you made for me coming along or do you still need to do the hair thing


hair thing




@autumn3481 can you please tell us what scene you would like



1- I need a art scene of a picture of the male character in fire and flames so it can go in a art museum

2- I need the male character kissing a mars statue the god of war in the sunset in the background inside the class room

3-i also need a picture of male character sticking or kissing the female character’s finger because it was bleeding after accidently cutting herself


I know it’s a lot to ask
please take your time don’t feel that you need to do it ok
thank you guys


I’ll start 1 now