Help I need help coding his scene

Okay so this scene is basically… All the townspeople are doing their own but as soon as IVY THE MC AND TOWN PARIAH enters in zone 1 and starts walking through to zone 3 as she walks past the people, they all get shocked to see her about that or scared…

She is like a pariah because her family was a creepy founding family of the town of scoffsdale so they think she is curse or smh.


Do you need the coding? Or just tips…

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I think just make the MC walk and make the camera follow the MC and as the MC walks just write :

@MC enters from ‘’ to ‘’
@follow MC to screen ‘’ in zone #
@MC is walk_neutral_loop THEN BCK1 starts “animation” THEN BCK2 starts “animation”

it works but if there are alot of characters then it is time consuming