Help: I Need help in spotting

Hello, everyone.
I really need help in something. Please help me :pray:
Can anyone tell me how I can place a small character while it is lying in bed :question:
I know how to make the character smaller, but when I tried to do that, it did not work to me :sweat: :dizzy_face:

Check this out!

I watched it, but it does not help with my case.

What’s the problem? Can you be more specific?

I know how to make a character smaller, and I did it.
But, when I tried to place the character while it is lying in be, the character was a little bigger. I tried many times, and I used my phone to preview it, so I could change the spot if I wanted to

I’m not 100% sure on what you mean. Could you show me what the scene looks like and the coding you’ve used?

I did like this:
@CHARACTER spot 0.605 47 130
@CHARACTER spot 0.595 303 410 in zone 1
(it does not matter what is the name of the character)
In addition, I want the character to stay the same β€œheight” when I move it to a place (screen center, etc). How can I do this?
P.S: I am sorry for taking long time to reply.

Thank you.

Don’t worry about it, I have nothing to do anyways.
Well seen as the first number controls the height, that has to stay the same. So when you have β€œ@CHARACTER spot 0.605 47 130
@CHARACTER spot 0.595 303 410 in zone 1” both times the first number should be β€œ0.605” or β€œ0.595”. Does this help?

Sorry, but I did not really understand it :persevere:

Do you understand now?

Just want to make sure that I understood it.
Actually, when I do the spot command, then I shout put the same number in the first?
Like this:
@CHARACTER spot 0.605 47 130
@CHARACTER spot 0.605 303 410…

Yep. That’ll keep the character the same height.

Okay, thank you, @HollyFaith
@Jeremy , can you please close this topic?

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Solved and closed. Thanks!