Help,i need help with lying in beds please

I had no problem getting the character in bed,however every time i do the character faces the opposite way does anybody know why?

Hi apes i used your guide however it keeps on saying invaild code do you know why

Can you take a screenshot? Which style are you using?

you have to spot them , what I do is I put
@CHARACTER stands screen center
once I preview that I spot it by using the directors help on the preview screen
Once it’s spotted you can delete the @character
You may have to keep so just keep that in mind

I’m using limelight style



remove () from the animation

thank you so much i have another problem though, why is she is her legs over the person how do you fix this ?

You have to move them to the layers:

@CHARACTER moves to layer -1 (bed character)

@CHARACTER moves to layer 1 (nurse/doctor)

More about layers here:

Thanks i did it but it’s still not working do i have to put it in the script but a certain place so it can work?

can you show me what you’ve got? (take a screenshot or post your script here, please)


You need to place them on the screen first before moving to the layer.

For example:

@NANCY spot % X Y in zone # at layer #
@NANCY spot % X Y in zone # AND NANCY moves to layer #

@NURSE stands screen left AND NURSE moves to layer #
@NURSE enters from left to screen left AND NURSE moves to layer #