Help I need Help with my coding

I need help when letting my readers choose their outfits from the outfit game. How do I write it in the story without choosing it for my readers?
How will the outfit they picked go into the next scene?

And last, how do I slowly lower someone in a bathtub so it seems like they dipped themself in the water just to wet their hair?

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For the outfit choices you can do a choice or if / Elif / else or use one of Dara tappables / dressing game templates on her website

Last question not sure what ur wanting exactly

thank you for the first one help the second one I will post a screenshot of what I am talking about

Ok here is my screenshot she starts out with the long voluminous curls and loose hair and when I code her going down under the water she won’t go down slowly as I want her to, she just disappears then I code her to come up and she does but not that slow like I would like her too and her hair is changed to the wavy long look which how I want it. I just want her to go down slowly into the water and rise back up kind of slowly also.

Can you copy and try it on your so you can get a visual of what I am trying to say.

U need to do @CHARACTER walks to spott *** AND CHARACTER is (animation) in 2

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and @CHARACTER previews hair (hair style)

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