HELP! I need help with my storyline/story starter

Hii I really need help with my storyline but I do have starter. kind of, I have two ideas.

Idea #1*: the MC is 26 year old living in Paris, she is there for a two years (might change depending on the story) for work. She is originally from Michigan but she worked in New York and she was sent to Paris. She worked in a Fashion Company (No name yet) in New York as a small designer. -Not sure what will happen after-

Idea #2: The MC is 20 turning 21 in August (may change) and is in the middle of their last year of college in a fashion university in Paris. She gets an intern job in a fashion company and works as a part time secretary for a young fashion designer. they have a contract for 1 year and things start to get complicated and heated after a business trip to Italy.

That’s basically my two ideas for my story, the first idea is inspired by the new Netflix show, Emily in Paris but I do not want to completely copy that plot story. I am leaning towards idea #2 but I would like some advise on how I can improve it or some changes towards the plot.
I would really appreciate the help on this, credits will be given in the story if I use your idea or ask for your help. that is a promise ad I’ll let you know if I do. x

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If you want to dm me on Instagram @emmawritesepisode_ i can help

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What kind of genre are you trying to write? Romance? Drama? Adventure? That would help determine what you want the plot to be.

Suggestion for Idea 1:

  • The MC is sent to Paris for work. What exactly is she working towards? Maybe her dream is to start her own fashion company or to be part of Paris Fashion Week or to work at a fashion magazine.
  • What obstacles would she run into? Perhaps culture shock from moving to another country or a rival trying to do the same thing as her or maybe her dreams are far different from the reality of her situation.
  • She’s 26, so maybe she’s not taken seriously because of her age or maybe she feels too old compared to her younger, more accomplished contemporaries.

Suggestion for Idea 2:

  • I’m a little confused about this one. Is the MC interning and working part-time at the same place? And what’s the 1-year contract for? Her internship? Similar to my suggestion for idea 1, what is she working towards? Or what does she hope to gain from both her internship and her working for a fashion designer?
  • What’s the MC’s relationship with the young fashion designer like? Do they get along?
  • Is the MC good at her internship? Does she struggle? Does it come with ease?
  • You mentioned a business trip to Italy gets complicated and heated, so maybe she unexpectedly finds love. It could be with a rival from another fashion company and maybe they’re using the MC to get her to share all of her fashion company’s secrets

Asking yourself questions can help you know where you want the story to go. Hope this helps!


thank you so much this really helped me. I’ll contact you if I need any help further more and I’ll make sure to give credits if I do publish this story xx

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Sure, no problem!

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HI don’t mind me but I’m new to the episode forum and I don’t know how to create a post. Could somebody help me please? Thanks

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Thank you so much .

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