HELP! I need ideas to help expand my storyline!

I have been having some writers block lately but have a basic idea for an episode series that I need help with expanding! The idea is the MC has a dream to become a scientist and is in an apprentice for a real life scientist. One day there is an explosion and she and many other students gain magical abilities/powers. These students then all find out that they have abilities and try to keep to a secret however with rumours speculating about these people having powers, the government decides to test everyone to see if some people actually do have and if so they are going to be heavily tested. Once the government finds put about them and their powers they have to try and escape.
So that is the main idea but I need ideas of what choices the reader could make, how the students meet, what the conclusion of the story may be and twist and turns that no one can see coming!
Thank you! (ps: please help!!)


omg this idea is amazing! Good luck with your story :sob:

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Mmm that sounds super interesting.

A cool thing that you could do if you haven’t already picked the MC’s superpower would be to let the reader pick it. But then that would require lots of coding and basically multiple scenarios. So it really depends how much work and time you wanna put into that.

Other choices you could add while the government still doesn’t know about them would be wether or not to use your powers to help someone, or get out of a situation, taking the risk of being discovered.
Examples :
-Let’s say your power is to run super fast ==>
MC : “I’m super late for my meeting, should I use my power and make it on time?”
Choice : Yes/No.
-Or your power is super strength ==>
MC : “This person is in danger and needs my help. Should I help?”
Choice : Yes/No.

Another idea for choices/character development:
You could let the reader chose between using your powers for good or for bad. For instance if someone is annoying, will you use your powers to fight/manipulate/get what you want from them? Or choose to be good? Does this make sense? :grimacing:

And when it comes to how the MC meets the other students…
I guess you could make one of the characters a bit reckless or a bit “braggy”. Let’s say for example, while all the students that gained powers kept it hidden for weeks/months/whatever, that guy was the one not being careful at hiding his secret. You could say it starts from him? Like the MC finds out about his power, then they talk about it and discover that maybe there are others and so on?

As a conclusion or a twist that no one saw coming you could add on the very last chapter that the “accidental” explosion was actually not an accident. But that some scientists worked with the government to create a chemical explosion. (You can decide whatever the intent was, but that it went wrong.). And that after the explosion, the government had been watching all the students.
From then, we can go back to that “braggy, reckless” character and say that it was because of his behaviour that the government found out that the explosion had an affect on the students.


I tried to make it clear but I hope it all makes sense :grimacing:
Good luck!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


OMG! Thank you sooo much for these ideas - they are AMAZING! They have really helped me create more ideas for my story! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::two_hearts:

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Haha no worries, your plot and story idea are amazing!! I can’t wait to read your story :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

And lmk if you need any more help :hugs:

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Awhh <3 Thank you! I will definitely reach out if I need any more ideas xx

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