Help i need my story to be fixed

i need help with my script
so if anyone can help me ill appreicate it

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What help do you need ? I can help

um this it says it has an erro

um also how do you reset character to its original size im also having a hard time doing that
thank you i appriate it if you could help me

Can you please post a screenshot of your script? :blush:

okay this is the code

@CHARACTER1 spot 3.7 233 -1216 AND CHARACTER1 faces left

@BUDDY spot 3.6 75 -1200 AND BUDDY faces right

&CHARACTER1 is flirt_wink_atcamera_pose AND BUDDY faces right

@pause for 5


Did you take your photo?

choice “yes i have tooken a photo” {

} “no let me retake the photo” {
goto selfie2


    CHARACTER1 (talk_agree_happy)
"Yes this is going to get so much views"

Oh my god you have so how many likes


@CHARACTER1 zoom reset

@CHARACTER1 enters from X to screen Y
@WORKER1 enters from X to screen Y

    CHARACTER1 (talk_argue_angry)
Why my files taking so long to print

    CHARACTER1 (think_rubchin)
Oh finally it printed
Oh wait i printed the wrong files
What am i going to say when my workers
What there details about what there going to do today
Okay now i have printed the right information for my workers
Oh wait i have a presentation tomorrow
What am i going to say
Anyways i need to hire some workers so i can earn more money for my new company

@WORKER1 walk_exhausted_loop

    WORKER1 (talk_apathetic)
Oh hey i am here for the job interview

    CHARACTER1 (talk_agree_happy)
Yes you come to the right place
So have you got any criminal records

    WORKER1 (talk_apathetic)
No i have not got any criminal records

    CHARACTER1 (talk_agree_happy)
Have you ever been fired

    WORKER1 (talk_apathetic)
No this would be my first proper job

    CHARACTER1 (talk_agree_happy)
So have you got any qualify cations for this job

    WORKER1 (talk_apathetic)
Yes i went to collage and university for 5 years

choice “Great your hired” {
CHARACTER1 (talk_agree_happy)
Great your hired

} “No YOUR not hired” {
CHARACTER1 (talk_agree_happy)
Your not hired



@CHARACTER1 spot 3.7 233 -1216 AND CHARACTER1 faces left

@BUDDY spot 3.6 75 -1200 AND BUDDY faces right

    CHARACTER1 (talk_agree_happy)
Well tats all for today


To be continued...

how do i reset the character

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Well once you have your character walk to the first scene, you can copy that code and paste it into your script, that should be the original size, also may I know what the error says?

okay thank you your a legend

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am i also allowd o contact you in the future for further help

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No problem, happy to help, and of course, you can message me anytime you need help :blush:

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What is the error?

your the first person who achually help me

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Problems that I’m seeing in your script

goto selfie2 (where is the label for this)

@CHARACTER1 zoom reset (is not valid, maybe try @zoom reset)

@WORKER1 walk_exhausted_loop (should be @WORKER1 is walk_exhausted_loop)

umm could you help me
im not sure on how to make a script in a office board room with other characters in it too


You can pm me I’ll help you there.