Help! I need users who can create a beautiful small cover for my story


I need anyone’s help in creating a small cover for me. I don’t specifically have a due date but I need it soon
My story’s name is Good & Bad and here are the characters I need on the cover:

image71CA7F45-AFF9-44AA-A946-F18DBC15C79F.jpeg667x521 111 KBimage1D1E320F-827D-4BF4-90C1-73DA644F2BEE.jpeg581x534 95 KBimage059BC420-0C51-4CFA-9007-E79FBCA96631.jpeg264x797 87.5 KBimageBF1F463F-586B-4443-ADB4-DC44BDA9432E.jpeg402x954 132 KB
I’ve included the character’s poses, outfits, and their customizations.
I need the cover to imply that they are complete opposites, hence the outfit. So i was thinking of having their backs faced to each other. I don’t care what background they have but it needs fit the story’s idea.
If you can do it, please message me and you can ask for any further details.


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send the deatils please


Also the characters doesn’t show


hi @Lailaaa.Episode I’d love to help out!


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Think you guys can help









Should be ready sooon




Do you want the character edited


In what way?


t h e y r l ooking for u on

stuck in the forums rp








@aprill think you can edit the characters


Is this good?


Wym? I could help out if you want.