Help, I’ve fallen into a Clone High spiral

Well, more specifically my For You page in Instagram usually have posts and fan arts about the show. Then I got into the show and memes. They are just so ridiculously funny and Creative.

Wondering if anyone else knows the show?


Yes! I started getting on my For You stuff, and I found out the show’s coming back. I remember watching it after it went off air, so I’m glad they’re doing more episodes.


I know! I certainly can’t wait to see how the story continues


My favorite character is definitely cleo

Hmm, I can’t decide between her and JFK.

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So since the reboot is coming soon, I was wondering what are y’all thoughts on it

Since it is speculated that Gandhi would have a different clone dad, I have a minor theory that he and George Washington Carver would have switched at birth. I just don’t like the ‘he’s actually the clone of Gary Coleman’ thing.

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