Help! IbisPaint X error

Hello everyone!

I’m currently making an episode art for my father He saw my own art and also wanted one :flushed:

I was busy shading the face and everytime I used a filter, the loading screen would take ages. After it was done I’d get a message that the canvas size was too big (1800x), so I changed the fomat to 600x. When I did this all my lines became blurry :dizzy_face::dizzy_face: Nothing happens when I press the undo button…

Does anyone have an idea to make my lines high quality again?

Thanks in advance :kissing_heart:


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Its because your device isnt able to support the canvas size 1800, i recommend 1200x if youre using layers. And the lines went blurry because if you resize lines to a smaller size all the pixels are trying to stay as they are while being shrunk, basically you cant use a large size brush on a small canvas because theyll be like fighting for the space, the same will happen going from 600x to 1800x although theyd be stretched and possibly blurry depending on the brush size. You can somewhat fix this by lowering the opacity and tracing over your work with a smaller brush size, for 1200x usually a 3.0-5.0 works well but for a 600x canvas you may need to use a 1.5-2.5 brush size xx

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I’ll try! Thank you so much for explaining :heart: I’ve just started so still need to learn :blush:

Its fine :heart::heart:

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Just a tip, next time make the size of the canvas a lot smaller and it will work better.
Also, if you don’t have enough layers and you don’t have to do anything under existing layer, like you can just save the image and draw over it as a whole with no problem, save the image and start a new one on the photo, i did that mistake once and (after a few fix ups) I saved the image and just started it as another because changing the canvas size messed it up and i needed a lot more layers and didn’t want to waste it…

I also ended up doing that 5 times until I got the whole thing done :sweat_smile: I needed like 700 layers for that fucking drawing :woman_facepalming:t2:

But it’s a good solution in case something like that happens…

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Omg that is a very handy tip!! I’m saving it right now :raised_hands:t2: Thank you so much :heart:

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you’re welcome :blush:

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