Help identifying and finding certain BGs

I am looking for a few specific BGs and OLs, as well as trying to find some from stories. These are assets I have searched for and not been able to find on my own. :(Any help is appreciated.

Wood floor TV overlay (Story: Demon Roommate)

**FOUND** Epi banks background (No story, need to ID creator to credit)

Overlays needed:
Subway or train exterior
Room with door cut out (to add a layer to a house interior while directing)

Background needed:
FOUND Law firm interior
Law firm exterior
Black car seats w/ corresponding OL
Parking lot

The bank background is from Amepisode

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Many thanks, Marysol!

Edit: I can’t find it in her drive. :frowning: Too bad

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No problem! :smile:

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Here I am again I can help you find some backgrounds you’re looking for, here are some great creators where you can find their backgrounds, (here are their linktrees where you can find their google drives)

@Catthegirl.Episode (has law firm backgrounds and other amazing backgrounds)

@ Amepisode (has car backgroud plus overlays and underground subway and overlays)


Thank you so much! I was able to find a law firm interior. The frustrating thing about the bank background is that it doesn’t seem to be in her drive with the other bank things and I can’t find it elsewhere. She also doesn’t have any car sides I would use. Maybe I’ll ask her directly about the bank backgrounds.

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No problem! and the bank backgrounds are indeed there I just saw them, maybe you missed them, you need to go to the “shops” folder and there you’ll find it, also if you want to contact her, it’s better to do so on Instagram

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I don’t have social media, so thank you for the help.

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Ofc, no problem! :smile:

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