Help! If/elif/else

Hi! I am having trouble with my episode story…
I’m trying to carry out the plot adding the different ramifications from the if/elif/else point system that I have.
Depending on the points you have your story should go one way or another… However, when I start the new chapter and add the two different ways your story can go, I can only see one of them.
Let me explain myself better, I write the coding to either have one or the other appear. When I use the app to check if it’s working, I try both paths to see if they’re working… but, no matter what path I choose, the second chapter will only show the same outcome, when it should change depending on how you play the game…
How can I add the decisions made using the if/elif/else point system to another chapter?
I don’t know if I explained myself correctly…
If you have any tips, please help! I’m stuck…

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@Dara.Amarie please help, I’ve read the post you made and even though I’m following all the steps you set, it still doesn’t work.
It still repeats the same scene no matter what you chose… I’m literally going nuts over this…

Can I see a screen shot?

I think what you should do, is use gotos. For an example, instead of saying if and then writing the scene, write goto label and write the scene wanted on the label. Here is an example from my story:

ohhhh, okay. I’ll try that and let you know if it works!

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Awesome! Good luck

OK, so,

if (“be mean”){ is not right.


if (ROMANCE is “Be mean”){

This is the choice name and option method BTW.


if (flag_hate_hunter){

This is the gains method BTW.

And since you have two options, the second one “Flirt” would be remembered by using else.

If you use gains, don’t forget to reset your flags so you can try other pathways.
How to here:

Actually, it is recommended that you reset your whole story progress so that you can try out other pathways.