HELP i'm stuck with a problem


hii there

I’m here with a problem cause I’m writing a story but my male characters are smaller than my female characters and I want them to sit behind a desk but I can’t find the right way to do so and also the male teacher behind my desk is smaller than the female characters who walk into the classroom.
can somebody help me?


Hi, What style are you using? Classic, Ink or Limelight?


I’m using limelight


Did you accidentally use spot directing and scale one of the characters? Are you using the default places for the character to stand? This could have made him appear smaller and her to appear bigger.


what do you mean by default places?
i’m not using any spot directing or scale


Go into your episode app and scale the man to be larger than the female. For both to be behind the desk, use layer -4 .


You must use spot directing AND scaling to seat characters, and to make male larger than female.


I don’t know why it’s like this exactly if you didn’t use spot directing but you could use spot directing to fix it.
When you go into preview you will see the spot directing button on the side. When you click spot directing two tabs appear on the left which you can use to change the size of the character and where it stands


how do you write that in code?


@MALE moves to layer -4


thanks i’ll try that


I have an INK template, is yours INK or LL?


Eventually when you get to the button that says Switch Tool scale you can change the size of the character by pressing down and dragging the mouse.
First, you click direction helper, then spot helper, and the switch tool: scale.



Okay i did that but what do i do after that? cause when i safe my story he is back to his short scale


wait i found it ahahah thank you so much


Sorry I know it can get complicated. You just have to copy and paste it on to your script. Hope this helps


I have LL


Yeah it helped me a lot this was the only thing i could not find any help at so thank you so much